We can provide you with many machining and cutting processes all in one operation with our Abrasive Waterjet Machine. Reduce or eliminate secondary operations to save time and increase your bottom line!

Our Waterjet machine can cut, etch, slit, saw, punch and drill virtually any sort of material. Materials such as, but not limited to; stone, granite, marble, glass, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, carbon steel, wood, plastic, rubber and acrylic.

Some of the many advantages of Waterjet cutting include:

  • Rapid setup – great for prototypes, short run or production
  • Minimal or no fixturing cost in most cases
  • Cut virtually any shape
  • High accuracy +/- .002″
  • No heat affected zone (HAZ) or stress induced into material
  • Able to cut material from .001″ up to 10″ thick
  • Minimal or no secondary operations such as deburring and cleanup
  • Better material yield due to thin .010″ – .030″ kerf width
  • Ability to use pre-hardened material, reducing steps
  • Unmatched versatility

All of the above are potential methods to reduce cost!

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  • metal-stamping-wisconsin-water-cutting
  • metal-stamping-wisconsin-water-cutting2